Friday, November 16, 2007

My retraction ...of sorts.

Ok, ok I'm sorry.

As is my way admittedly, I was a bit tenacious and antagonistic with regard to my exchanges on Bossip AND subsequent blog entries.

Baby Please, I'm sorry. Your comment below was sweet natured ...I appreciate it and your ability to not take things so seriously.

I hope your dinner was enjoyable and look forward to more pleasant banter.


Yes, Baby Please.

Per the post, below you'll find a comment left for me.
One so juicy I felt compelled to reply but wouldn't detract from the subject at hand in the comment section any longer.
Even if they don't respond, I've had more than enough fun for one day **sniggles**.

...LMMFAO ...Baby Please, yeah the one without time ...responded via Bossip AGAIN!!!
Blah, blah, blah ..."cheap shot" ..."skewed and unfounded" ...."never say how much time I actually do have" ... ***obviously enough to read AND write again*** ..."ok, I'm finished".
Awww, so soon??? I was having fun.
Shit, its Friday. I have all the time in the world.

Oh, and one more thing ...all you have to say is "my remarks — as quoted above — were accurate"?? No they weren't ...and I had a retort for everyone of them. You can't come any harder than that????
Baby Please
@ black.sapphic
“I’m fairly certain that ‘we’ did not.”
I disagree. I do believe a black person created this phrase.
I'm almost positive you're missing a fundamental point, I've not said this term wasn't coined by a black person, I believe it was HOWEVER, your continued use of 'we' is misleading. I will maintain that until.
“We can not imply a ‘black person’ as it is indicative of a plural AND …last I checked you were not appointed to speak for the entire race so your ‘black people’ assertion is null and void”
I have not the time nor the desire to involve myself in a conversation with you about semantics or reading comprehension. Your sentence is pompous and absurd.
I don't believe either of your assertions can be founded and think you're becoming defensive to say the least. Oh, and you do have the time indicated by your next few lines. Don't worry, it's Friday ...I have time too.
“We, in this instance meaning a good majority of the people I align myself with and I, did not create nor do we perpetuate the term.”What?
I'm sorry. What wasn't clear?
“A few people may have but again, that can not be inclusive of the majority.”A few? This term enjoys widespread use in the black community.
I never said it didn't. If you'll look carefully, I said “We, in this instance meaning a good majority of the people I align myself with and I, did not create nor do we perpetuate the term.” ...and was only clarifying the we that I was referring to in MY response. Not be confused with your misappropriation of 'we'.
“Also, aside from stating its origins within the Black community, I doubt one can pinpoint anything with certainty.”… which is precisely why I posed my question to readers in my last post to you…
because I don’t know everything. And I am uncertain.
With regard to your closing question, I don't have the answer either ...but still doubt anyone can come up with one. It's too convoluted.
And for the record — you must be feeling particularly adversarial today –
Awwww, thank you.
**Note you'll find my responses in gray.

For the sake of understanding I will post a few key exchanges leading up to this below.
@ 11:23
@ blac.sapphic
Does the fact that she is Black necessitate “baby daddy” rather than father / daddy? …and this is what newspapers print.
I think this is a very worthwhile question, absolutely.
But actually, because of what we create, whites think they have certain liberties - like using this word in “respected” journalistic forums and why Imus had no compunction about using the term “nappy headed ho.” And so on.
@ 11:31
@ Baby Please
I so get what you’re saying however, ‘we’ didn’t create it.Respectively, you can’t attribute that term to an entire community, particularly when there is marked opposition to its usage from within.Whites often misappropriate and mistake false senses of entitlement with comfort levels. It’s instances like these that cause you to sit back and internalize the state that we’re in, where white’s, on Page Six, think that its ok to print this stereotypical garbage.
@ blac.sapphic
Actually, blac; I am fairly certain “we” (meaning a black person or black people) did indeed create this term ourselves. Not Whitey. The first time I remember hearing this term was in a southern rap song prolly in like 1997 or 1998. Ya’ll might know more than me about this. But this is the first time I remember hearing this term. It was indeed created by us, as I understand it.
What is the origin of this term, ya’ll?
@ Baby Please
I’m fairly certain that ‘we’ did not.We can not imply a ‘black person’ as it is indicative of a plural AND …last I checked you were not appointed to speak for the entire race so your ‘black people’ assertion is null and void.
We, in this instance meaning a good majority of the people I align myself with and I, did not create nor do we perpetuate the term.A few people may have but again, that can not be inclusive of the majority.
Also, aside from stating its origins within the Black community, I doubt one can pinpoint anything with certainty.
@1:42 ....please take it to the top of this post.

Racist overtones, "pseudo intellectuals", generalizations, misconceptions and plain old stupidity.

I read Bossip daily. It's often hilarious.

Today I came across this gem they posted quoting the Post's Page Six.


"Carrie Bradshaw’s “Mr. Big” from Sex and the City, is having a baby with longtime girlfriend Tara Wilson (See photo above). Via Page Six:

“SEX and the City” star Chris Noth is about to be a baby daddy. Noth’s live-in girlfriend, actress Tara Wilson, is “about five months along”. The couple is not engaged and has no immediate plans to marry.

Aww, who knew Big was down with the brown, congrats to them."

Our clipped banter has been quite entertaining to say the least.

My initial comment:

Does the fact that she is Black necessitate “baby daddy” rather than father / daddy? …and this is what newspapers print.
Racist bullshit.

...and yes, I do post under my own name.

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I wonder if they were the ones thrown out.

...funny shit snatched from AHH.

Wanna laugh harder? Read the comments left on YouTube.

Fuck the vote!!!

I sat on this for a few days ...wondering about the implications and really mulling it over. It's been difficult to reconcile within myself, to say the least.

As a nationalist, I'd love to see a black man in office. Yeah, I'm a feminist ...a Black feminist and I know Hillary will never be given a pass. EVER.
That aside ...I'm queer and this coming election means more with regard to my fundamental rights as such.

In short, Fuck Barack Obama!!!!!

Taking Donnie 'ex-gay' McClurkin, Hezekiah Walker and Mary Mary on the road was not the way to go you fucking dummy.
...AND a lame ass attempt at damage control via a statement with respect to you not sharing his same views and toting the token gay ***but white*** Rev. Andy Sidden means nothing, particularly when homophobia in the Black community is the issue AND you could have taken Michael Eric Dyson and /or 2 gay pastors with you on your concert series to attempt to bridge the gap.

Can't fault your hustle game though.
You knew what you had to do to win over the Black south.


MySpace is the devil.

"A place for friends" you'd probably never speak to regularly but add as a means to boost your numbers, MySpace is the black hole of the internet.

After endless 'I'm bored so hit me up', 'New pics - comment and I'll return the favor' and 'Check out my new song' bulletins , I'm seriously considering an account cancellation.

MySpace has grown old.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ignorant much???

I read the gossip blogs pretty much daily.
Actually, several times a day so as not to miss anything.

Dlisted is one I read frequently. Today I came across this.

This image was selected for their 'Caption This Contest' ...and admittedly, it could have been taken in so many different directions and actually been funny.

Of course some of the comments left by readers were ugly, racist, culturally insensitive, derogatory and the like.

I cracked a half smile at the winners comment but was absolutely appalled with the runner-up selection.

John smiled for the camera but was secretly devastated that he forgot his goat leggings at Tom Cruise's house. - Conky

Travolta thought he was dancing for his supper. The cannibals however knew their supper was dancing. - Rough Rider

Shocked that they'd be so bold as to choose this? I'm not.
Poor, poor taste.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Meet Garvey. Marcus Garvey as that is his namesake. Big, strong, broad, powerful, serious, formidable.
All things obvious in the way that Garvey carries himself.

He growls, grunts, barks, huffs, runs, twitches and grinds his teeth ...all in his sleep while in the real world, he proffers as much protection as a wilting house plant; he's nothing more than decoration.

Soft, cuddly, timid, EXPENSIVE, passive, spoiled rotten, whiny and overly friendly ...the only way he'd harm you would be to crush you under his massive weight. See, Garvey has it in his head that he's a lap dog and if left undeterred, he will climb up in your lap for a nap. I've often let him do it and have pretty much created the monster that is Garvey, The Inept Watch Dog.

I'd like to think that he'll rise to the occasion if the need ever presented itself, but I'm not so sure.

I'll be the first to admit, Garvey does not live a life conducive to that of a large breed dog. A 3 year old, 80 lb., Lab Mix should have access to a huge backyard, take long walks daily and visit the park regularly. Garvey gets / does none of that. More often than not, his days are spent tucked off into a corner asleep and when he is active, he's amazingly clingy, attention starved and annoyingly hyperactive. You WILL play fetch, by choice or default and in one way or another, there WILL be physical contact.

He's taken to depositing his slobbery tennis ball in your lap so even if you don't want to play, you end up tossing it away and there is his cue to repeat the process OR he'll rub up against your legs as if he were a cat so that you'll touch him ...even if it is to shoo him away, never mind the fact that he is a shedding animal *ugh - he didn't always do that, it started about 6 months after I got him and by then I was attached* whose feet smell like a fresh bag of Frito's as soon as it's around about that time for him to visit the groomer.
Fortunately, he doesn't have dog breath.

Garvey is stupendous.

I adore him. We have our very own ritual greeting when I get home from work. It consists of him charging at me, full speed, like a ball out of a cannon, hugs, rubs, pats, various pet names and a walk directly across the street for him to pee. *yes, his walks should be longer but I don't have time. I walk him until he does his business, I clean up and we head home - at least 3 times a day* Afterward, he's usually ready to eat his too large dinner *on our last two visits, his vet informed me that Garvey could stand to "slim down a bit" - I like to eat, my family likes to eat ...WE EAT. No one in my company will EVER go hungry, Garvey included*.

My one complaint with Garvey is he has too human tendencies. He doesn't bark AT ALL, EVER but when he does ummmm, communicate, for lack of a better word, it's almost as if he's mimicking human speech. Scary to say the least.

Oh, and he sleeps like people do ....on pillows, with blankets, etc. Long story short, Garvey has taken over in a lot of respects, totally flipped my household upside down. I mean I can't even go out after work unless I want to come home to a brown surprise - and that ain't happening.

Did I say one complaint?
I lied.

I'm sure I can come up with several others but the one that takes the cake is as follows:

Garvey has ....shall we say, a sensitive stomach. Any little thing can set him off and he won't eat / drink for a while and back when we first got him, it raised a lot of concern and made for several trips to the vet *thank the creator for Banfield and their doggie health care plans*. This long story short, Garvey vomits ...often. As a matter of fact he did twice yesterday and once today ...but it is fairly early so that isn't saying much.

He's like a grown man after a night of heavy drinking and a few White Castle burgers too many.
...and I don't appreciate having to keep a plastic bag handy to stick his head in just in case he starts heaving, which he does for about 3 minutes before he actually erupts *blah*. I don't even get that kind of personal treatment and I shouldn't have to do that for a dog.
It's gross.

I love him though.
We're complicated *sigh*.