Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just one of those days.

For those that take time out to visit my space, I sincerely apologize for the infrequent posting.
Life has thrown yet another curve ball my way and as of next week, I will no longer be a North Carolina resident / IBM employee; I've decided to hand in my resignation and of course with my family in tow, relocate ...back home to NYC!!!!

After 3 years and a half hearted attempt to resume my undergraduate studies, it is time for much needed change. The familiarity of home and my large extended family are exactly what the doctor ordered. The opportunities for my family, as a whole, are immense and we are looking forward to all that lies ahead.

On to the topic at hand...

I am not a patient person. More importantly, I do not purport myself to be one.
I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for bullshit any form. Quick tongued and often harsh, I've put major effort into relaxing, evaluating each and every situation from as many perspectives as possible so as to avoid making snappish decisions and hurting those that matter most. As of late, the trigger on my bullshit meter has become that much more sensitive and old habits have reared their respective heads.
Often times I'm left wondering if I overreact. More often than that, I'm left feeling like others are desensitized and have resigned themselves to letting things slide rather than dealing so as to avoid unpleasant situations.
I thrive on the unpleasant as conflict is my comfort zone. I can count on one hand the number times I've failed to come out on top, though as I write this, I'm unsure as to whether or not that is an attribute entirely positive. What does it say about my character?

In addition to the aforementioned, I'm a control freak ...tenacious ...aggressive - and I have yet to master the art of applying these personality traits in a manner conducive to ...anything.
Don't get me wrong, I can, AND DO, keep them in check however, have been known to throw all that decorum shit out the window and go in hard ...quite frequently lately.

Ugh. I don't know where I'm going with all of this.
I'm just in a bad mood and out of chardonnay - it's that time of the month and lemonade isn't cutting it.

I'll be back - I hope.


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