Monday, November 12, 2007

Fuck the vote!!!

I sat on this for a few days ...wondering about the implications and really mulling it over. It's been difficult to reconcile within myself, to say the least.

As a nationalist, I'd love to see a black man in office. Yeah, I'm a feminist ...a Black feminist and I know Hillary will never be given a pass. EVER.
That aside ...I'm queer and this coming election means more with regard to my fundamental rights as such.

In short, Fuck Barack Obama!!!!!

Taking Donnie 'ex-gay' McClurkin, Hezekiah Walker and Mary Mary on the road was not the way to go you fucking dummy.
...AND a lame ass attempt at damage control via a statement with respect to you not sharing his same views and toting the token gay ***but white*** Rev. Andy Sidden means nothing, particularly when homophobia in the Black community is the issue AND you could have taken Michael Eric Dyson and /or 2 gay pastors with you on your concert series to attempt to bridge the gap.

Can't fault your hustle game though.
You knew what you had to do to win over the Black south.


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Dark Daughta said...

And just when I thought I was the only person who was seeing through his fucking charade. If he'll do anything or say anything, this pretty much means he's a confidence man just like the rest of them...two bit high paid con artists.